The Magic of Holywell Bay, as seen (many times) on Poldark

I was watching BBC’s Poldark on Sunday night and suddenly realised that every episode now seems to have at least one shot of Holywell Bay. It happens to be one of my favourite beaches and is only a fifteen minute drive from my house so I have been there quite a few times during the last couple of months.

On Monday morning, I handed in my final assignment for my Marketing & PR level 5 course, which marked the beginning of a week off from work. To celebrate handing it in and completing the course, I decided to head down to the beach and treat myself to some well deserved sun bathing.


Of course, most of the schools in the country broke up last Friday so Cornwall has become much busier. I drove down to Holywell without noticing much traffic but, just around the corner from the car park, I entered a queue. I ended up queuing for twenty minutes for the car park which was a bit irritating, but once my turn came around, I parked for free as I am a National Trust member.

I must say that I did have a little chuckle to myself when I saw that all the tourists had plonked themselves on the side of the beach that’s nearest the car park – all crammed together like sardines with their wind breaks and beach tents. However, I walked straight across the sand dunes and headed for the farthest side of the beach – and there was hardly anyone there! The only downside of choosing a sun bathing spot there is that you are quite far from the toilets but at least you have your own room to spread out and relax.


I put my towel down next to the sand dunes as there was a little bit of a breeze and the dunes offered some shelter. I alternated between lying on my back and just soaking up the sun, and lying on my front reading my book. Of course, I reapplied my sun cream whilst on the beach. Every now and again I would sit up and just gaze out to sea; there were a few surfers in the water but it was quite calm. It looked very inviting, glistening in the sunshine but I didn’t go in this time as I didn’t have my body board.

The view of Gull Rocks in the distance is the popular scene I referred to from Poldark. Now when I look at it, I can’t help but imagine Ross and Demelza strolling along the beach, hand in hand! There were some real life couples holding hands and paddling at the water’s edge which was lovely to see; but it wasn’t too busy as most people had settled on the other side of the beach.


Even though I did have to queue for the car park, it was nice to find a bit of space and calm at the start of the school holidays. I am enjoying a week off as well and am looking forward to going camping with my adventure buddy later on – hopefully this morning’s rain won’t last long!


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