Spring has Sprung in Cornwall!

Tomorrow is the first of April. I cannot believe how fast this year is going and how up and down it has been so far. I have been busy recently but my hard work has paid off because I have secured a new job role in Wadebridge. I am very excited about starting my new Marketing and Admin role on the tenth of April and I am now busy house hunting!

My outlook on life has certainly changed this week; although there are lots of things I still need to sort out, I am making really good progress and am excited about the future. It seems that the weather is starting to become more positive as well, especially last weekend!


My sister, brother-in-law and nephews came down to Cornwall for a visit so it was particularly awesome to have sunny, Spring weather as they are not in Cornwall very often. We celebrated Mother’s Day, had a lovely lunch at the Finnygook Inn in Crafthole and enjoyed ice creams (the first of the year!) on Portwrinkle beach.


It was lovely spending some time with family and even lovelier being able to sit on the beach wearing a dress and sun glasses! It’s always incredible to feel the sun on your skin for the first time each year and last weekend was that moment for 2017.


Early in the week, I was lucky enough to find myself in Perranporth again. A house viewing was the reason for my visit; unfortunately, that one did not work out, but I am viewing another house share in Goonhavern, just outside of Perranporth, early next week.

Although I am going to be working in Wadebridge, I still want to be near my friends in the Truro area and I would love to live close to Perranporth and St Agnes – so a half an hour commute in the car is worth it.

The weather has changed a bit again during the week with some more rain showers, but the overall temperature is a lot warmer. I’m looking forward to a lot more days sunning myself on the beach and being outdoors in the evenings, watching plenty of sunsets!



3 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung in Cornwall!

  1. Congratulations on the new job, Laura!

    I was away from Cornwall last weekend (enjoying Mother’s Day at my daughter’s home in Sussex). It was glorious in sunny Sussex but I was so sorry to miss our first sunny weekend of the year. There will be more to enjoy though! We discovered the Finnygook not long ago – love it!


    1. Thank you! Thanks for following back as well. Let’s hope for some sunny weather in Cornwall and Norfolk this month! 🙂


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