Exploring Porthtowan & Portreath

This time last week I had just arrived at one of my favourite places on the North Cornwall coast: Porthtowan. As it’s the beginning of March, the car park is still free – hooray for the off-peak season!

The sun was shining and the sky was full of fluffy white clouds and the promise of Spring. I love this little coastal village with all my heart. I spent many days there during my childhood with family and friends: body boarding, sun bathing, enjoying picnics and exploring caves and rock pools.


After a quick stop at the popular Blue Bar for some delicious fish tacos and a pint of coke, I headed straight for the beach and strolled towards the roaring waves. Porthtowan actually used to hold the surfing championships in Cornwall before they moved to Newquay and it’s easy to see why; some of the biggest and best waves are found in Porthtowan.

There was nobody in the sea on this particular day – the ocean swell was too choppy. Indeed, various storms have been challenging the Cornish coasts for the past few weeks. Although the sun continued to shine, the wind was immense so I pulled my furry hood over my ears and walked, head down, towards the shoreline.

There were dog walkers, couples hand in hand, photographers and solitary walkers like myself. We all had one thing in common: our love of the ocean. I stood still, taking it all in and thinking of times gone by and times ahead that had and would occur on that particular beach.


Just as I was thinking about heading up the cliff for a more strenuous walk and a more breathtaking view, the rain began to fall. I say fall, but it was the kind of driving sea rain that is able to drench you within minutes. And I hadn’t brought a waterproof!

I walked briskly back across the beach, past the Blue Bar and within minutes I was back in my car. The sky, which had been bright and blue just moments ago, was now grey and threatening. The Cornish weather is certainly changeable!

With time still to spare and not wanting to go home just yet, I decided to head slightly further down the coastline to a beach I had never been to before. I don’t know why I never went to Portreath when I was younger because it wasn’t exactly far from where I lived. I suppose it’s because there are just so many beaches to explore in Cornwall and I also used to have my favourites which I enjoyed going back to again and again.


Luckily, when I arrived in Portreath the skies has cleared once again and the sun felt warm when I was sheltered from the wind. I enjoyed another lazy beach stroll, imagining what this pretty beach would look like in the summer.

I jumped over little sea puddles and found myself sinking into the soft sand as I navigated my way in a zig-zag shape towards the sea. In a couple of weeks’ time, it will be safe to go in for a paddle – but I didn’t want to brave it on this occasion!


I just feel so blessed to be able to go to such stunning locations without having to travel too far. It will be even better when I finally make the move to the Truro area because then I will be close to both coasts.

When I had had my fill of sea air (for now) I headed back to my car once again. I looked down at my feet and realised that my trainers were covered in sea water and sand. I didn’t even bother to brush them off; to me, there’s something lovely about bringing a piece of the beach back with me. But I’m sure I won’t be thinking that when I decide it’s time to hoover out my car!




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