After a very slow start to January, things have really started looking up. When I haven’t been busy with my proofreading work, I have found time to catch up with some of my wonderful friends  and have also been on some lovely outings to Totnes, Looe and Polperro with someone a bit special; possibly more on this another time! To top it all off, last week I received a tax rebate, so there are definitely some strong positive vibes circulating at the moment. All I can hope for now is to secure a full-time role to get me closer to my goal of moving back to the Truro area.

Last weekend we had perfect January weather: winter sunshine. I will never take living near the sea for granted again; having lived in cities and places where the beach was too far to go for an afternoon, I feel so lucky to be able to go for a beach stroll whenever I like. On Sunday I went over to Downderry, which is only a fifteen minute drive, and enjoyed a brisk walk on the beach.


At the height of the afternoon, the sun was absolutely stunning; so bright that I wish I had worn my sunglasses; and reflecting off the water so radiantly, as if to remind us that Spring is on its way. I basically live for days like this when I can wrap up warm and feel the sun on my face whilst listening to the sea crashing against the shore; it’s absolutely breathtaking.

After walking nearly the whole length of the beach, I sat down on a rock close to the water’s edge, just breathing in the sea air and watching the small but ferocious waves crashing against the rocks. I could have sat there for hours, had it not been that my bum went completely numb! Next time I will take a rug to sit on, and maybe a book – although I do enjoy simply listening to the sounds of the sea and getting lost in my own thoughts.

I remember being at Downderry last summer, sun bathing on the beach and braving a swim in the cold sea; I literally cannot wait for summer to roll around again so I can explore as many of the hundreds of Cornish beaches (there are over 400, apparently) that I possibly can. Who knows, maybe I will have a partner to accompany me on these adventures? I’m hoping for a lot more sunny Sundays by the sea.