The kettle struggles to be heard above the angry rain,

drumming and splattering against your window pane.

The boisterous wind making things rattle and crash;

the rumble of thunder, the occasional lightning flash.

Thankful you have no reason at all to step outside,

you grab your fresh coffee and creep under the duvet to hide.

Covering your ears to block out the sound;

this rain is relentless, will it ever calm down?

You drift into a daydream and slip away from the storm,

to an imaginary place far away where it’s warm…

all of a sudden there is a brightness ahead!

Awakening and squinting, you see sunlight on the bed.

Is there finally an end to the vicious attack?

Is the sky finally a colour that’s not a shade of black?

Crawling over to the window, you’re greeted with hope;

there’s a beautiful rainbow! But…your garden is afloat.