A little poem I wrote about Cornwall 🙂


The scent of fish and chips wafting through the air

Children skipping toward the sea without a care

Sand between my toes and sea salt in my hair

My beach towel has replaced my office chair


Upon my skin the warmth of the sun

In my picnic basket a pasty and a saffron bun

Above my head the gulls circle for crumbs

Ahead, the tourists in the sea having fun


The rugged cliffs and spooky caves

The salty surf and beckoning waves

The gorse and heather, the foggy haze

The beauty of these Cornish days


Losing myself in this place and time

This is the county I am proud to call mine

City living, I had to decline

Now I’m back down here, I’m feeling fine


My Cornwall’s where I’m meant to be

The place where I can set my heart free

Where, as a child, I laughed with glee

A place where I just feel like me.

Photograph taken at Crantock Beach, Newquay